Ways To Recognize Signs Of Leukemia


When Leukemia strikes, it attacks the white blood cells which main task is to combat disease and infections. It would be fatal for the patient suffering from the disease if the disease is not detected early. Proper medication, such asVeenat, should be prescribed, as it is efficient in appreciating certain types of leukemia. The below symptoms can guide you in detecting the disease:

Persistent flu-like symptoms

If you notice a flu that you can not tackle, this could be a root of the unease. Persistent chills, fever, night sweating and muscle pains and aches may be all symptoms of leukemia. Nonetheless, flu like signs may be due to some other conditions, though it would not hurt to be tested. However, if the flu and flulike symptoms disappear some time later, and you fill fit and healthy as before, it may be that you just had flu.

Keep watch of the fatigue level

Since fatigue is ordinary, this early sign is overlooked on most bases. Shockingly, fatigue, especially chronic fatigue happens to be an early indication of the ailment. It is important to have a handle on the fact that, weakness and a lazy feel, of just lying down doing nothing, often companies that low energy level in the body. Fatigue caused by cancer is known to be a very draining type of fatigue. Patients are always advised to eat healthy foods that add the energy levels of their body. The symptoms of fatigue are often overlooked since it is very common to feel tired. However, there is a difference between this and chronic fatigue.

Keep track of your weight

One of the common signs of leukemia infection is constant weight loss for no perceptible reason. However, this may be a faint sign and if taken solely, it may not narrow down to cancer. Consult a physician if you lose weight drastically and you have not changed your diet, lifestyle or routine.

Pay keen attention to the bleeding and bruising pattern

Most people who are victims of leukemia are apt to regular bleeding and easy bruising. If you start bleeding more easily and regularly, you may be at risk of leukemia. This is caused by not having enough blood platelets. The frequent bleeding can occur on the gums or even frequent nose bleeding.

Examine skin for petechiae

Petechiae are tiny spots, which appear on the skin's surface. The tiny spots are red in appearance, and they will look different from those you get out of exercise or the blemishes that comes because of acne or sunburn.

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